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Mashyna Vremeny
Mashyna Vremeny
Mashyna Vremeny
Mashyna Vremeny

Mashyna Vremeny

Poster of concerts and performances of the legendary group "Time Machine"

"Time Machine" - 50 years of active creative life

Agree, in the world of rock groups, with an active creative life lasting 50 years, only a few. And among them the coryphaeus of Russian rock - “Time Machine”. It was formed back in 1969 by the 16-year-old avid Beatleman Andrei Makarevich within the walls of Moscow school No. 19. At first, the guys sang songs in English and covers for songs from The Beatles. They performed them at concerts of amateur performances, gaining popularity among the surrounding educational institutions, recorded on a tape recorder. Gradually, the boundaries of the repertoire of “Machines” expanded. Makarevich began to try his hand at the author’s song, introducing elements of blues and classical rock into it.

Climbing the group "Time Machine" on the musical Olympus

The composition of the group was constantly changing. Someone left for another professional group, someone was called up to serve in the army... New performers came to replace those who had gone to the growing permanent leader of the “Time Machine”. From 1973 to 1975, for example, 15 musicians alternately passed through the group, replacing each other. At this time, Makarevich and his comrades made a living by playing on sessions, dance floors, in restaurants and clubs in southern resorts.

Some stabilization was outlined by the spring of 1975. A year later, at the invitation of the Aquarium group, the guys had the opportunity to give several solo albums in Leningrad. Concerts were a great success! and served as the beginning of "machine addiction" among hippy youth and adolescents. This was facilitated by the lyrics of Makarevich’s songs, not devoid of irony and allegoricity, as well as the musical style of the group - a kind of mixture of bard songs, blues, country and rock and roll. “Time Machine” received official recognition and permission to legally tour in various cities of the USSR in 1980. This happened after the group’s triumphant performance at the All-Union Rock Festival in Tbilisi and thanks to the efforts of the singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, who put in a word for the guys in Rosconcert.

The "Time Machine" at the peak of popularity

Since the beginning of the 80s, “Time Machine” began to be broadcast on the radio, invited to television programs. Concerts of the collective were collected by fan stadiums. In 1986, the musicians made their first tour, taking part in the 2nd International Rock Festival in Japan. In the autumn of the same year, the company “Melody” published the first official record “Time Machines” under the name “Good Luck”. It included recordings of songs of different years, but the layout of the album itself was made without the participation of members of the group.

In 1988, in the ranking of singers, Makarevich was second only to Valery Leontyev, but the group of rock musicians he led was recognized as the band of the year. “Time Machine” celebrated its 20th anniversary with a concert at the Luzhniki Stadium, its 25th anniversary with a performance on Red Square, and the “XXX Years” tour concludes with a concert at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex. In 2009, celebrating its 40th anniversary, the group toured 40 cities of the CIS, giving 40 concerts.

And yet, during these periods of the creative activity of The Time Machine, not everything was not always smooth. There were disagreements in the team, due to which the group lost one or the other musician. True, some of them returned after some time. There were also “attacks” from musical critics who repeatedly accused the “Time Machine” of explicit “borrowings”. For example, the chorus of the song “For Those at Sea” Makarevich composed under the influence of the famous hit of the 60s “Let's twist again” by Chubby Checker, and the basis of the song “Who did you want to surprise” sounds only a little “edited” hit riff “Might Just Take Your Life ”by Deep Purple.

How to buy tickets for the concert "Time Machine"

At the beginning of 2015, information appeared in the media about the split of the group due to different points of view on events in Ukraine, in particular in the Crimea and Donbass. However, this year, the “Time Machine” in its entirety from May to December will make a grand tour entitled: “Time Machine” - 50 years. ” Concerts will be held in the most prestigious halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, as well as in the cities of Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. The list of Ukrainian cities includes Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Kiev, Odessa.

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